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Understanding the real importance of efficient commercial electrical installations and repairs for businesses, is vital for any commercial electrical firm. New Buildings New buildings should be electrically pre-wired so that cost savings can be maximised later on. Electrical pre-wiring is economical and the cables last longer because of reduced damage, compared to exposed wiring. It also offers versatility as your new building can be extensively pre-wired, often future proofing your electrical cabling needs. Walls and floors won’t have to be damaged later on, for post-construction cabling. Sockets can easily be installed in multiple locations in case some equipment is shifted later on or if new electronics are added. As technologies keep on evolving, it is obvious that most businesses will need to add new machinery and appliances to gain or maintain a competitive edge. Electrical pre-wiring will allow for that without the need to call an electrician again and again.

Office Re-Fits Some offices and factories that are of an older design may need electrical re-fits and upgrades. Office re-fits can involve extensive work such as installing new wires within walls or surface cabling. Often, additional cabling is required for extra electronic devices. This may involve cable management planning and the relocation of wires and sockets for maximum efficiency. If sockets are installed close to the location of new electronic devices, it means less visible and potentially unsafe cabling will be required in the working environment. Obviously, existing older buildings cannot be pre-wired but skilled electricians with a good cabling plan can create excellent results for your commercial electrical requirements. Shop Fittings Cabinets and display units in certain commercial premises may need lighting of their own to make it easier to showcase objects or to find things easily. Such shop fittings need their own cabling. When shop fittings are added to existing buildings, you’ll need the services of a skilled electrical contractor. The wiring can be installed through the walls and added into the cabinets or shelves by drilling small holes that can often be hidden from view. Appropriate lighting within the display cabinets can then be installed to showcase products or provide adequate light for staff. Lighting Design Offices are meant to be bright and well lit so as to ensure that the people working there remain active and can do their work without difficulty. For these reasons, office lighting design may incorporate both ceiling and wall fixtures. If pre-wiring was possible during construction, more lighting can easily be added as required. Computers and lamps that may be placed on office desks will need to be connected to wall or floor sockets. Once again, this is another reason to pre-wire during construction if at all possible. Computer Networking Computer networks may need the Ethernet and the internet. These will allow efficient and quick signal transmissions, making it easier to conduct work. Also, for these computers to be linked together, digital cable technology might be needed. Once again, pre-wire if possible. The less wiring that is visible in the office environment results in better aesthetics and improves safety in the office. Telephone Extensions Even though traditional telephones may be going out of fashion with evolving technologies, it goes without saying that telephones are still needed in offices in order to communicate with external as well as internal parties. If you are pre-wiring, extensions should be located all around the workplace so that telephones can be added later on if the need arises, without having to call in the electrician. Telephone extension cabling is not normally expensive.


Commercial Heating Installation Employ the services of an experienced electrical heating contractor to prepare an installation plan for you. Heating equipment required for commercial premises often differs greatly to that used in domestic situations. Installing the correct heating appliances along with thermostat controls will create a comfortable work environment, improve productivity and save on energy consumption.