Electricians Christchurch | Electrical Pre-wiring

Whether you’re building a new home or thinking about buying a new one, it is extremely important for you to understand how the interior cabling, designed to accommodate all sorts of technologies in your house will work. Such interior cabling will not only be responsible for making the lights and fans work, but will take care of all your entertainment and communication as well such as televisions, computers, telephones, home theatre, music systems, etc. A well thought out cabling plan will deliver electricity to every point in your home, as and when required.

This is where you need to know about electrical pre-wiring. Such wiring runs inside the walls or under the floors of the house, instead of looking like ugly vines on the outside. Since technologies keep evolving, it is possible for many types of signals to pass through the ethernet instead of requiring different or special wires for different devices. The ethernet can be described as a digital cable technology that works very quickly, is easy to install and is low in cost too. Reliability. If you’re thinking of being a technology pioneer and setting up your whole house the wireless way, then you’d better think again. Wireless signal transmissions may sound and seem really cool but they will totally kill your fun when it comes to functionality. To begin with, wireless signal transmissions will never be half as great as those hard-wired ones, if the space is too big. So if you’re moving into a decent sized house instead of a box, then the performance is quite likely to be disappointing. If you increase the distance between the devices then it is quite possible that the signal will be lost completely. So if you don’t want to sit on that couch with your head in your hands, fuming about your wrong decision, then play it safe and go for electrical cabling instead.


Aesthetically pleasing. This is all about putting the cables behind the walls or having them hidden underneath the floor boards. Since the cabling never shows, you don’t have to worry about your place looking like an ugly jungle of wires. Focus on aesthetics and you’ll never worry have to about where the guests sit whenever you have someone over. Now you can also mount your television or a set of surround sound speakers on the wall, without having to worry about the wiring showing.